18 Ideal Nikon D5100 Lenses 100% Compatibility

The Nikon D5100 is an improvement over the Nikon 3100 and is below the Nikon 7000, in both – features and price.
With all its features, you can click great photographs, even if you are not a professional. However, you must have the right lenses, as it’s the lenses that make the biggest difference.


Now, what can be worse than investing your hard earned money into some lens and realise it doesn’t suit your Nikon D5100 or the photographs produced are very bad? We are here to ensure you don’t make a wrong purchase due to lack of information.

This article gives you a brief review on Nikon D5100 Lenses, so that you can make a well informed purchase for your DSLR Lens. Be it online or offline, you can always use this as your reference guide to buy the perfect lens according to your changing needs.

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We Will Cover:
  • Chapter 1: All that you need to know about a Nikon DSLR camera lenses
  • Chapter 2: A list of different types of lenses you would need for various photographic needs
  • Chapter 3: The accessories required to get the best out of your lenses

Chapter One: What You Need To Know About Nikon DX Lenses

The lens you choose for your DSLR can determine the quality of your photographs and your success as a photographer. Whether you are into photography for profession or for a hobby, you definitely want to take great pictures with your camera. The biggest addition to any DSLR is its lenses.

The increase in awareness about the DSLR and its lenses, have led to a surge in the number of companies that manufacture lenses for Nikon cameras, like Tokina and Sigma. These lenses cost you lesser than a Nikon lens but do not deliver low quality photographs because, though the low cost materials are used in making these lenses, the glass quality used, remains identical. But, you should always remember that there cannot be a lens that can match the compatibility and quality of a Nikon Lens, for your Nikon DSLR camera.

A- Are there Different types of Nikon D5100 Lenses (Prime VS Zoom)? Simply, Yes

When you buy your DSLR camera, you get a standard kit lens which is a zoom lens. However, there is a prime lens too, that has just a single focal length, unlike your zoom lens. There are many arguments for and against both these lenses. Let’s take a closer look at both.

Prime Lens
A prime lens is what brings out the talent of the photographer. Simply because, the lens does not do all your work, you need to adjust the settings and move around to get the best shot. These lenses have only one focal length and hence, most professionals carry more than one prime lens.

There are many options in the prime lens when it comes to focal length. You can have a wide angle lens or one of those long tele-photo lenses you see the professional photographers carry around like a weapon.

  • The fastest lenses are all mostly prime lenses as these lenses can offer you the maximum aperture. This is very important when you don’t want to lose track of your subject’s movements.
  • As the number of moving parts is minimal in a prime lens, the focus is more on the quality of the lens, thus enabling you to click some real amazing shots.
  • These are not only smaller and lighter to carry, but are lighter on your pocket too.
  • Just one prime lens won’t do if you are a serious photographer or want shots with different focal lengths.
  • It limits your photographs. A single focal length can enable you to take only a single type of photograph and hence limits your photograph variety. 
  • You need to move around a lot to get photographs of your choice. 
There are Prime lenses with long and short focal length as 85mm or 10.mm for different photography purpose.

Zoom Lens
One of the most widely used lens, the Nikon D5100 zoom lens are your go to lens if you want variety in your photographs without having to move around or constantly change the lens that is mounted on your camera.

All you have to do is turn the zoom ring and you will get different focal lengths, whether you want to photograph one or many subjects.

  • It helps you cover a wide range of angles from a single spot.
  • If you can’t get close to your subject for a better shot, zoom lenses are the only way to ensure you do get those shots.
  • You just need one lens and you can be on your way to click a number of photographs that are not just close ups. 
  • It fails to bring out the photographer in you, as it does not give you much to do. It does all the focussing and zooming for you.
  • You cannot click those well focussed exclusive shots as only prime lens can get you that quality and clarity.
Zoom lenses that start from 55mm (ex: 55-200mm) called "Telephoto lenses", while the others that starts from 18mm (ex: 18-200mm) called "All in One Lenses".

B- Are There Different Types Of Nikon Lens MOUNT (FX VS DX)

There are two type of sensors FX and DX, which mean that there are two types of lenses FX and DX, Nikon D5100 is an entry level DSLR with a DX Sensors that works ideal and perfectly with Nikon DX lenses, so always be sure to buy a DX lens, you will save a lot of $, and get the desirable result.

C- Nikon D5100 Lens Compatibility - Learn How To Tell That This Lens Is 100% Full Compatible Lenses With D5100

lens in built motor

The biggest advantage of owning a DSLR is that you can click a variety of images with just one camera. You can change the lenses as and when you want, according to your varying needs. The options for lens are plenty as both the camera manufacturers and individual lens manufacturers produce lenses for the DSLR cameras.

The Nikon DX cameras cost you lesser than the FX cameras as there is no zooming motor built into the camera body. Hence, only lenses with a built-in motor are compatible with the Nikon DX cameras. The Nikon D 5100 lens compatibility depends solely on this factor. 

When you are shopping around for Nikon D5100 compatible lenses, check the name of the lens. The manufacturers mention the presence or absence of a motor in the name of the lens such as:
  • Nikon: AF-S (Auto Focus)
  • Tokina DXII or DX2 
  • Sigma HSM (Hyper Sonic Motor) Or "With an built Motor"
Picking a lens with an in-built motor enables you to focus on the subject automatically.

Chapter Two: List of the BEST Nikon D3100 Lenses According to Photography Types:

When it comes to buying a DSLR camera, it is definitely not an easy task. Buying the correct lens is even more complicated. There are just way too many options for you and it is very easy to get lost in the sea of features these lenses have to offer. Our main objective here is to provide you enough information to help you choose the perfect lens for your needs. Here, we have categorised the lenses according to the photography types, in order to help you choose the right lens, even if you are new to this field.

How To Get Your Hands On The Perfect Lens For You:

Buying the right lens can be easy if you followed these steps:

  • Decide what type of photography you want to venture into. The lens depends on your need.
  • Fix a budget. There are many companies offering at competitive rates, hence knowing your spending limit is essential.
  • If you already have any lens, make a note of it and its specifications, so that you don’t buy the same thing again. 
  • Finally, choose the perfect lens by going through a list of lenses available. Choose the right one by choosing based on your photography type and budget.

1. Nikon D5100 Kit Lens 18-55

This is the kit lens that accompanies your camera. The main reason being, it is very easy to use even for a beginner. If you didn’t get this with your camera, this lens should be seriously considered if you are new to photography. You can use this lens for recording videos too, in addition to your regular photography.
The Kit lens have 7 benefits among other lenses, Discover them by clicking Here

Lens Name Rate Price Buy Now
Nikon 18-55mm
4.7/5 $190 [Free Shipping]

2. Best Nikon D3300 lens for beginners 35mm (recommended for Portrait photography)

For beginners, my favorite lens is the Nikon 35mm 1.8G (after the 18-55mm lens). This is a portrait lens, and is also known as the ‘prime lens’. The lens has a focal length of 35mm which is fixed quite unlike the zoom lens that has a variable focal length. For all those passionate about photography this is an ideal lens for experimenting and practicing clicking photographs. Mastering the use of this lens to its maximum advantage will also enable handling of other lenses of different focal lengths with utmost ease. Other attractive technical features are that it is lightweight, efficient and sharp and is a must have for every photographer. 

Lens Name Rate Price Buy Now
Nikon 35mm
4.7/5 $190 [12% OFF- $23.00]

3. Best Nikon D5100 Telephoto Lenses (Lens)

best telephoto lenses for Nikon D5100

This is a lens with long focus. Though the lens looks big, it does not really bring the subject closer. It focuses more on the subject and allows the background to fade. When you get up close to the subject and position it against a background, the resulting image is just stunning.

The focus is only on the main subject and the positioning enhances the image. The focal length of this lens starts at 50mm and goes on till 600mm. If you are a nature photographer or one who loves to capture the beauty of people up close, this lens is your best choice.

 If you are on the lookout for telephoto lenses for Nikon D5100, you should consider the lens with 55mm, provided you already own the kit lens. If not, the next lens in the list is your best option.

Note: It is recommended to own a Nikon Tripod (I reviewed Top 6 Ideals one) in case you buy some zoom lens, because they are long, heavy, and uncomfortable to carry the ensemble (lens + camera) by hand, so lets the tripod carries the weight, while you focus in capturing the best moment.

Lens Name Rate Price Buy Now
Nikon 55-200mm 4.6/5 $140 [43% OFF mean you SAVE $107.00
and Free Shipping]
Nikon 55-300mm
4.7/5 $390 [1% OFF and Free Shipping]
Sigma 70-300mm
Low Price*
4.4/5 $140 [14% OFF - SAVE $24.00 - Only 12 Left]

4. Best Nikon D5100 All In One Zoom Lenses (Lens)

If you don’t own the kit lens and want a telephoto lens to gain more focus on the subject, you can go ahead and invest in a zoom lens for Nikon D5100 (this lens starts at 18mm and goes on till 600mm). A zoom lens is very versatile and lets you take different kinds of pictures from the same place. With this lens, you don’t have to move around as the lens does it all for you. If you can’t get close to your subject but want close up shots that are more focussed on the subject, this lens is a great choice.

Lens Name Rate Price Buy Now
Tamron 18-200mm
Low Price*
4.4/5 $190 [33% OFF - SAVE $100.00 and Free Shipping]
Sigma 18-250mm 4.5/5 $340 [36% OFF - SAVE $200.00 and Free Shipping]
Nikon 18-200mm
4.7/5 $590 [8% OFF - SAVE $53.00 and Free Shipping]
Nikon 18-300mm 4.6/5 $690 [Free Shipping]

5. Best Nikon D5100 Lens (Lenses) For Portrait Photography (50mm & 35 mm)

best portrait lenses for Nikon D5100

Have you seen photographs of people and wondered how the photographer managed to get such a beautiful picture? Capturing the beauty of people is simply amazing and made easy with the portrait lens for Nikon D5100. You have two options here, the 35mm and 50mm. If you want to click pictures of people on the move, you should opt for the 50mm as it is much faster and enables you to get a clear image.

Lens Name Rate Price Buy Now
Nikon 50mm 1.8G
5/5 $190 [10% OFF - SAVE $23.00]
Nikon 35mm 1.8G
5/5 $170 [12% OFF - SAVE $23.00]

6. Best Nikon D5100 Wide-Angle Lens (lenses)

Best wide angle Lenses for Nikon D5100

Have you ever wanted to capture the entire scenic beauty when you were standing too close to it? You have wide angle lens for Nikon, which enables you to do precisely that.  This lens allows you to click photos in a wide angle, where you don’t have to miss the background or the people around you just because you are too close. If you are into landscape photography, you will be able to get some of the best shots with this lens.

Lens Name Rate Price Buy Now
Sigma 10-20mm
Low Price*
4.5/5 $470 [Free Shipping]
Nikon 10.24mm
If u r Serious about wide angle photography
4.7/5 $890 [11% OFF - SAVE $103.00]

7. Best Nikon D5100 Macro Micro (known as Close up) lens (Lenses)

Best Macro Lenses for Nikon D5100

The Nikon D5100 macro lens enables you to see the beauty in various things, up close. This lens captures what your eyes generally miss. Anything can be seen in a whole new perspective when it is captured up close. If you are into clicking pictures of insects, flowers and other small things that generally escapes the eye, this is the lens to buy.

Lens Name Rate Price Buy Now
Nikon 40mm
Best for Beginner to Macro*
Low Price*
4.7/5 $250 [12% OFF - $33.00]
Nikon 85mm
5/5 520 [Only 4 in stock - Free Shipping]

8. Best Nikon D5100 Fish Eye Lenses (Lens)

Best Fish eye lens for Nikon D5100

With this lens, you can capture images just like a fish, a bulged, wide image. When you want to click photographs of people in your daily life, you don’t want to miss out on the details, the whole picture and yet can’t get too far away from them. The Nikon D5100 Fish eye lens enables you to add an element of fun to your photography by the interesting features offered by this lens.

Lens Name Rate Price Buy Now
Nikon 10.5mm
4.6/5 $770 [Only 1 left - Free Shipping]
Rokinon 8mm
Low Price*
4.4/5 $240 [32% OFF - SAVE $110 and Free Shipping]
Opteka 6.5mm
More Low Price*
4.1/5 $150 [70% OFF - SAVE $350.04]

9. Summary: List Of Recommended Lenses & Must Have Lenses For Nikon D5100

A quick summary for the best lens in each photography types based on the qaulity and the Price, also some Pro photographer advices, enjoy:

Chapter Three: Must Have Accessories For Lenses (Protection, Cleaning...)

Note: Those are Different Lens accessories listed bellow, If you want a detailed list of accessories for the body (Nikon D5100) read this article.

1. Nikon D5100 Tripod


Want to click photos of yourself and others without a shake? The tripod for Nikon D5100 is an absolute necessary no matter what type of photography you are into.

Buy: AmaszonBasics 62" tripod (Acceptable Quality - Low Price)
Or Read: The Ideals 6 Camera Tripod for Nikon D5100

2. Nikon D5100 Monopod

Get a monopod (Low Price) for Nikon D5100 if you feel a tripod would occupy too much space, either on the ground or in your bag. It is easy to carry and is light. With this monopod, you can get clear pictures without any shakes.

3. Nikon D5100 travel Waterproof Case (Backpack)


Carrying just your camera, in your hand is ok. But what happens when you have couple of other lenses and some accessories to enhance the performance of the camera? Get yourself a backpack that can not only hold all you camera equipment but is waterproof and easy to carry too. Put them all into the backpack and let your back carry the weight effortlessly while you are looking out for the next spot to click some amazing photographs. With this waterproof backpack, your camera and its equipments are safe even when you have to brace the rain.

4. Protective Pouch Set For Lenses

Lenses Pouch Set for DSLR Camera Lens

When you carry more than one lens for your DSLR, you need to ensure that other lenses are stored safely. No matter how expensive or advanced your lens is, one small scratch can cause enough damage. Buy a protective pouch set (Best Seller & 28% OFF) so that all your lenses are stored safe and are in easy reach.

5. Digital SLR Cleaning Accessories

Cleaning KIT for DSLR

Any photo you click needs to be clean and sharp. Apart from your camera settings and lens’ focal length, the clarity also depends on how clean your lens is. A small speck of dust can cause spots in your photographs and that is not something you would want. Get the right cleaning accessories and keep your lenses dust free.

6. SD Memory Card – More Space

There can be nothing worse than having to limit your photo shoot due to a lack of memory space on your camera. Get a memory card with enough space to last you through many impromptu photo shoots. Always carry a spare one, so that you don’t miss out on the unexpected opportunity just because your memory card is full.

Buy: Pro ultra fast SDHC Memory Card (150Mb/s Read) ; You can add a Fast USB 3.0 Card Reader, and a Card wallet for you stay well organised.

7. Nikon D5100 Extra Battery

You don’t want your camera going out of charge as you are getting warmed up and are finding more interesting subjects to click. Imagine you have been waiting all morning for that wild animal to make an appearance and when it finally does, your camera shows a low battery warning! Carry a Nikon D5100 extra battery and never lose out on another chance.

8. Nikon D5100 Wireless Remote Control (Shutter Release)

wireless remote control for DSLR

When you have a tripod, you can click images of yourself too. What you definitely need is a wireless remote control (Low Price & 12% OFF), so that you can click the photo while standing in front of the camera.

9. Nikon D5100 Self Timer (Known As Intervalometer)


What do you do when your wireless remote goes out of charge or you want to click a picture when you are out of range of the remote? You need to buy a self timer (by Neewer) that can automatically activate the camera at the set time.

10. Nikon D5100  lens Cap (cover) 

DSLR lens cap

Get a Nikon Lens cap (Low Price), it's highly essential as you want to keep your lens covered as you are scouting around with your camera. This ensures your lens does not get dusty, thus affecting the clicked images.

11. Nikon D5100 Lens Hood

DSLR lens Hood

A lens hood (low Price) will prevent unnecessary light from falling on the lens, which will affect the photos. Let your lens perform better by reducing the light hitting it. Enjoy richer images.

12. Nikon D5100 Filter (UV, Polarizing, Colourful Filters)


This filters have different purpose as the UV FILTER that will protect your camera's from scratches - dust - dirt - moisture - and fingerprints, while reducing the unwanted ulra-violet light, you can Buy or learn More Here about the other filters as PL, and Multi-Coated etc.

13. Nikon D5100 Accessories KIT (All kind of Filters, Cleaning, Lens cap, Lens Hood, Wireless Remote Control ...)

DSLR lens accessories KIT

This KIT is an all in one buying, contain all lens accessories, as that you will save more time and money.

Buy: 52mm Essential Lens acc Kit (5 Stars)

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