Discover the best lens for Nikon D3200

Nikon D3200 accept a lot of lenses, some are Zoom lenses, and other are Prime lenses, each one from them has its own Pros and Cons; So when you decide to get a new lens, you will wonder which one to buy, because there is lot of as i said, so you will begin ask what can be a best lens for Nikon D3200?

Honestly it is very hard, if not impossible to tell which lens is the best for Nikon D3200 users, because the lens that can be great for you, it Probably not the best for an other photographer, so after deep research i go out with 4 best lens for Nikon D3200, and I wrote a separate article that list 17 compatible lenses for Nikon D3200 for different photography purpose, i advice you to take a look at it.

Let's discover The 4 best lens for Nikon D3200



  • The answer will never be the same from photographer to an other, because Nikon D3200 is a great DSLR body with 24MP and large sensor, it’s work perfect with most of compatible lenses to it, So here i will try to give you a general answer that meet everyone needs and budgets, and i hope that it will help you.
  • All lenses listed in this article are full compatible with Nikon D3200 (DX mouth and AF-s = auto focus).

Buying Guide:

Follow this Steps for making an easy buying decision.

dslr buying guide

A- Nikon 35mm For General Photography:


Its Known as General Photography or Everyday Photography, and it's means the photography that you need to do almost each time, each day, each night, as car photography, nature photography, school photography, and so on; So for that purpose i love to have one lens, fixed in my Nikon D3200 that should be Small, Solid, have a focal length close to human eyes, while produce great image quality, and the only lens that Fits this needs is Nikon 35mm 1.8G lens, it is awesome, you will love is so much, i take it out with me always, to streets, restaurant, beach, every where, so as i said 35mm is a focal length that is close to human eyes, and that's what make it perfect for General photography, its Prime so the quality is Amazing, and have a Low Price.

Buy Now Nikon 35mm 1.8G [5/5 Stars and FREE Shipping]

B- Nikon 50mm For Portrait Photography:


Portrait Photography is a common type of photography, well known, we see everyday example of it in Facebook, TV, Magazines, Radio (lol it's a joke we can't see pictures in radio, but we hear people talk about portrait photography in the radio), So if you want try Portrait photography, or if one of your family members, or one of your friends or a client ask you to do for him a beautiful portrait photo, you need to have in your photography bag the best lens for portrait photography, that in case you would like to make that person said WOW.

So The Best Lens For Portrait is Nikon 50mm 1.8G, it is a Prime lens so the quality is Guaranteed, the focal length is perfect for Portrait, you can capture all details, colors, ..., the photos will look Sharpe and clear, while the price is medium around $200.

Buy Now Nikon 50mm 1.8G [5/5 Starts and FREE Shipping]

Or read also: Nikon 50mm VS 35mm Lens - which one to buy

C- Sigma 70-300mm For Telephoto Photography:


Telephoto lens is kind of long lens that have a big focal length range, plus the ability of zooming, for bringing the far subjects close to you without walk to them, with this type of lenses you can do lot of kind of photography, as Sport photography, wild life photography, and landscape photography, so with one lens, you can do different kind of photography types.
The best Telephoto lens for Nikon D3200 is Sigma 70-300mm, it produce same quality as Nikon lenses, while it have a low price; it is the secondary lens in my bag, The focal length is perfect, because it complete your Kit lens 18-55mm, and go till 300mm that is so far and perfect for landscape or wild life photography.

Shop Now Sigma 70-300mm [12% OFF mean you SAVE $12.00 and FREE Shipping]

D- 40mm For Macro Photography:


Macro photography is an amazing hidden world, you can discover it only with a Macro lens, the type of lenses that is made for magnified (enlarge) things,insect,flowers ...

Macro lens are expansive, because there is inside them special kind of glass, that have the ability of enlarge things without losing their details, or sharpens.
The Two best macro lens are Nikon 40mm Macro Lens for people that have a low Price, the price goes around $240.

There is 2 other Macro lens compatible with Nikon D3200, they are Nikon 60mm and Nikon 105mm Macro lens, The different between this . lenses is the "photography distance", means the distance between the camera and your objects, so with 60mm macro lens, you have more photography distance, this mean that you can take Sharpe macro photos from a far distance (ex: With 60mm macro lens you can shot macro photo for insects without scare them, because you are little far from them).

There is no different in quality, what you can get with 40mm macro lens, you can get with 105mm, but the answer is how much you need to be close to your subjects using 40mm macro lens to get a Sharpe photo, that is same as the one that you get using 105mm from a far distance.

Macro Buying Guide:

Go With Nikon 40mm Macro Lens If:
  • You have a Low budget (around $200)
  • You are a beginner to Macro photography and you want just to try it.
  • You want to do Macro photography with Flowers, Objects (means it is Ok to be close to your subjects).
Go With Nikon 60mm Macro Lens If:
  • You have a Good Budget (around $500).
  • You do Macro Photography with Flying or biting animals/insects (it is dangerous to be Close to them).
Go With Nikon 105mm Macro Lens If:
  • You love Macro and you want to do it all the time and be good on it.
  • You have a high budget (around $800).

Macro Lens Name Buy Now
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Nikon 105mm [6% OFF - SAVE $52.96 - Free Shipping]

Here is the end of our article that was talk about the best lens for Nikon D3200, i know how much it can be hard to decide which lens to buy, i face this before, and that's why i made this blog, to help people found the best photography equipment for them, whitout having a head dush.

Good luck, please help us by share this article in your favorite social media, Pin it, or save it if you think you need it in future, and feel free to ask me any question in comment section.

"When you are guided by an experienced photographer, you will know that pursuing photography will be a delightful experience and a worthwhile adventure" - BenoThePhotographer 

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